Specializing in minimally invasive approaches to the treatment of colon and rectal conditions.

Dedication to compassionate, respectful patient care.

Board certified, advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Experienced, highly trained, and dedicated staff.

Se habla Español.

What Patients Say!

"She is GREAT!!! told me exactly what to expect - and the first few days after were a bit sore - but OMG - life now is sooooooo much better. I will tell everyone to see Dr. Forstner.......THANK YOU SO MUCH DR.....you and your staff were AWESOME!!!!!!! I will recommend you to Everyone!!!"

Cheryl M. Google Reviews

I can not praise Dr. Makarawo enough for the eccellent care i receivedd with my recent iliostomy reversal. Dr. M is caing, understanding and on top of things. He personally stayed in touch with me prior to reversal and clearly let me know what to expect. I highly recommend him for your surgical needs."

Paula D. Google Reviews

"I first met Dr. Forstner -Barthell with an unusual problem, pelvic floor dysfunction. It was such a relief to discuss openly my issues and following her instructions improving one area of my problems. She was so sincere and supportive listening to me. Even more, she had empathy for what I live with and was very knowledgeable about this mainly unknown disorder and the devastating effects of this."

Yvonne Y. Google Reviews

"If I could give Dr. Makarawo 10 stars, I would. He was the third surgeon to perform the same procedure on my husband and his work is far superior than the rest. His bedside manner far exceeded our expectation, he also waited after hours on a Friday night so that I could pick up a prescription for pain medication as it would not go through electronically. That following Monday morning he personally called my husband to check on him, that is unheard of these days. His office staff is very friendly and helpful. When you make an appointment you are seen on time. If you arrive early you are seen early if possible. I could go on and on but I think you get the point, he is by far the best."

Chauntel M. Google Reviews
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Education and Resources

Anal Fissure

A tear in the lining of the lower rectum that can cause pain and bleeding.

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Anal Fistula

Anal fistula is a tunnel that forms between the inside and outside that drains and causes abscesses.

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An exam that utilizes a flexible tube with a tiny camera to detect abnormalities or polyps in the large intestine and rectum.

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Un examen que utiliza un tubo flexible con una cámara pequeña para detectar anormalidades o pólipos en el intestino grueso y el recto.

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Diverticular Disease

A condition that occurs when small pockets called diverticula have formed on the inner lining of the intestine that become infected or inflamed.

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Fecal (Stool) Incontinence

New technology allowing patients to regain control of bowel movements and avoid the unexpected leaking of stool from the rectum.

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Hemorrhoids are small veins within the anal canal that can cause symptoms with bowel movements.

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Las hemorroides son pequeñas venas dentro del canal anal que pueden causar síntomas con las deposiciones.:

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Colon Cancer Awareness Month

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