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Tafadzwa Makarawo, MD,
Board Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon

Image of Dr. Tafadzwa Makarawo

Dr. Makarawo is a colon and rectal surgeon with the Colon and Rectal Center of Arizona and he is board certified with the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

Dr. Makarawo received undergraduate medical training and post-graduate surgical training in the United Kingdom prior to his emigration to the United States to complete general surgery residency in Michigan in 2010. Dr. Makarawo completed general surgery residency training at Michigan State University in Southfield, MI in 2016 and then completed colorectal surgery fellowship training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Makarawo is trained in minimally invasive abdominal surgery with a particular interest in colon and rectal cancer and diverticular disease. He is also fellowship trained in robotic surgery, having worked alongside some of the national forerunners in the application of this surgical modality for colorectal diseases. Dr. Makarawo also has interests in all aspects of benign anorectal disease, pelvic floor disorders including rectal prolapse, fecal incontinence, constipation and diagnostic endoscopy.

Dr. Makarawo has extensive experience in clinical research, with multiple peer reviewed publications and national podium presentations to his credit. He also has experience in medical education as an invited speaker and instructor of students and clinical practitioners at multiple levels and from varied specialties.

In his spare time, he is a keen sports enthusiast, an active participant in a number of sports disciplines and an advocate of regular exercise. He also enjoys socializing, listening to music and spending time with family.

Dr. Makarawo's - Las Terranas, Dominican Republic | 2014 Medical Mission

In March 2014, I was selected to travel with the Midwest Missions Group to a remote village in Dominican Republic where I was involved in mission work. During this one week trip, in amongst the multitude of activities involved, we were able to set up a surgical clinic and outpatient surgery department. We triaged multiple patients and operated on the largest number of patients ever in the 40 year history of this group's mission trips over the years, the surgeries performed including primarily pediatric hernias, adult hernias and adult symptomatic cholelithiasis.

Patient Testimonials:

Chauntel M. - "If I could give Dr. Makarawo 10 stars, I would. He was the third surgeon to perform the same procedure on my husband and his work is far superior than the rest. His bedside manner far exceeded our expectation, he also waited after hours on a Friday night so that I could pick up a prescription for pain medication as it would not go through electronically. That following Monday morning he personally called my husband to check on him, that is unheard of these days. His office staff is very friendly and helpful. When you make an appointment you are seen on time. If you arrive early you are seen early if possible. I could go on and on but I think you get the point, he is by far the best."

Paula D. - "I can not praise Dr. Makarawo enough for the eccellent care i receivedd with my recent iliostomy reversal. Dr. M is caing, understanding and on top of things. He personally stayed in touch with me prior to reversal and clearly let me know what to expect. I highly recommend him for your surgical needs."

Octavio M. - "Hello my name is Octavio and my father was and is his patient, my respects go out to Dr. Makarawo I have not met a Dr like him that goes above and beyond for his patients. its a true blessing to have a Dr like him, we are so thankful for all you did for my father and for taking the time also in calling me to see that my Father understood everything. Cannot thank you enough Dr, I highly recommend him. May God continue to bless you and may you continue with that amazing faith :)"

Carissa K. - "My husband was really ill and a complicated case, we drove three hours to see Dr. Makarawo. Due to the complexity, we have been seeing him for 9 months and multiple surgeries. It was all necessary and thankfully due to Dr. Makarawo’s dedication my husband is finally better and able to get back to doing the things he loves to do! Dr. Makarawo has a wonderful bedside manner, spends lots of time with you listening to your concerns and explaining what is going on. His office staff has always been friendly and helpful as well!"

Mary V. - "I highly recommend Dr. Makarawo. I was referred to him by my personal physician and the issues I had were finally taken care of in two visits. He thoroughly explained the procedure and follow up care and had great bedside manners. I had been treated previously at Mayo Clinic to no avail. I can't thank Dr. Makarawo and his staff enough."

Source: Google.com - Google Review Link

Colon Cancer Awareness Month - Radio Interview with Dr. Forstner & Dr. Makarawo On Health Futures:

To listen to Dr. Forstner and Dr. Makarawo's radio interview on 105.3FM or 1510AM, please click on the YouTube play button. In this radio interview they discuss colon cancer, colonoscopies and prevention, polyps, da Vinci assisted surgery and many more colon cancer related topics on the "Health Futures" show! The "Health Futures" show is hosted by Bob Roth and with March being Colon Cancer Awareness month; Bob invited both Dr. Forstner and Dr. Makarawo on to his show to help his audience become more educated and aware of how preventable colon cancer is. This is definitely not a show you want to miss!

Source: Health Futures / Cypress Home Care Solutions

Dr. Makarawo's Guest Speaking Discussion On Good Summer Practices For The Ileostomate

Good Summer Practices For The Ileostomate

Source: Phoenix Ostomy Support Groups | July/August 2018 Newsletter

Dr. Makarawo's Published Articles On Colon and Rectal Surgery

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