Anal Pain Image

Anal pain is pain that occurs in the area of the anus and rectum. This is a common symptom that most people will experience for varying amounts of time and varying degrees of intensity. It also has an association with numerous medical conditions that can be either benign or life-threatening.

What is the cause of anal pain?

Anal pain is caused by a number of different conditions. The conditions that cause this problem in most people are benign such as:

The more serious conditions associated with anal pain include:

How is anal pain diagnosed?

When you see your colorectal specialist, a number of evaluations will take place including the following:

In some rare circumstances, your specialist may also request additional special tests such as anal pap smear or culture swabs and x-ray tests including CT scan, MRI scan or videodefacography in order to finalize the diagnosis.

What are ways of treating my pain?

As mentioned, anal pain is very common and most causes are benign. Simple measures to look after your pain at first would be:

When should I call to see the specialist?

A specialist should be contacted If the methods above are not producing relief or your anal pain is associated with the following problems: